Thinking of Buying an Infrared Sauna?

I’ve been thinking a lot about buying my own personal infrared sauna at home. Lately, I’ve really been looking to get fit and healthy and along the process, I got introduced to using saunas. Man, it’s one of the best things that one can experience.

I have some feelings of regret that I never tried it before but now, I’m just happy that I got to experience it and it really changed my approach to living healthy.

Since I really enjoy these sauna baths and I can feel all the health benefits that come with it, I want to have my own personal sauna at home. Yes, it is a luxury item that can be very expensive but for me, the health benefits and the convenience of having one at my own home trumps the high cost that comes with it.

Right now, I am in the process of researching and looking up different sits such as on how to buy the best infrared sauna without making too many mistakes that may cost a lot later on. Here are some of my findings that I want to share to fellow sauna lovers who are thinking of getting their own.

Buy from established companies and manufacturers

Infrared saunas can get very expensive but you should understand that this is considered a luxury item and with it comes an expensive price tag. A good quality sauna that comes with premium materials and good customer support comes with a price and this is actually a good thing. Always choose companies or manufacturers that have been in business for a considerable amount of time because this proves that they provide good service and good quality saunas.

Your budget is an important factor but you should also be flexible because in this industry, there are a lot of companies or manufacturers that go out of business quick. If you choose to buy a cheap one from a relatively unknown company, you are risking a lot. For one, they might go out of business and if your sauna ever has issues, you are left to deal with it yourself and this can get expensive fast.

Contact the manufacturer first before placing your order

Once you’ve chosen a manufacturer to buy from, don’t just order straightaway, contact them first and ask questions before doing so.

This is very important because having a conversation with them will give you a sense of how they handle and treat their customers. If they are willing to answer every question you have with detailed explanations, it is a very good sign.

Some questions that you may want to ask about are the following:

  • Warranty terms
  • Material quality
  • Certifications (safety and electrical)
  • Shipping and other fees
  • Promos and discounts and more

Get the correct size

The size of your sauna is a very important factor that you need to consider because if it is too small, it might not be comfortable and if it is too big, it won’t be very efficient. If you are buying a sauna for 1 person, a 1 person sauna is a good option provided that you are of normal size and by normal size I mean you are not too tall, too overweight or just big in general. If you are unsure, it helps that you look at the dimensions of the sauna and go from there.

If you are buying for multiple persons, don’t look at the number of people that the manufacturer says can fit, instead, look at the dimensions because frankly, some of the 2 people saunas that I’ve looked at seem too cramped for 2 people. This also goes for 3, 4 or more people.

The size of the sauna is very important because you want to be able to relax and if it is too cramped inside, you won’t be able to. It’s better that it’s a bit bigger than being too small.

Garage Ideas

Your garage is as much a part of your house as other rooms are. If you have one, you should definitely try to do some reorganizing, designing and decorating so that it looks as good as your other rooms.

It should not be a room that’s limited to parking. It can serve so much more purpose than that. If it is spacious, it can hold a lot of items such as for storage, home gym equipment, tools and much more. If it is small, don’t worry, you can do a lot to make it more storage friendly. Having it look good is a nice plus as it can add value to your house.

A good garage is much more than a place to park your car. If it is properly designed, it should make backing in and going out very easy. If you are a diyer, a garage can be one of the most satisfying rooms to design, organize and decorate.

Here are some things that you can do to make your garage more functional and more elegant.


Lighting is very important. Your garage should be well-lit because oftentimes, this is where you will be working on your car if it needs maintenance or if something breaks that you can easily take care of. Bad lighting will make things harder than it has to be.

Your light sources could be from well placed windows where sunlight can enter or if you don’t want too much windows as it can be easily broken into, you can place different light sources in different areas of the room. The most important thing about lighting is eliminating shadows as it can be a nuisance when doing work on your car.

Tool storage

Installing cabinets or shelves where you can store all your tools in an organized manner is recommended. Since it’s not on the ground, you will be able to save space and make your garage more efficient. When working on your car or bike or pretty much anything out of your garage, having an organized tool storage will save you a lot of time and headache as you can pretty much get what you need without having to guess where you put it last.

A perforated hardboard or a pegboard is one of the essentials in having a well organized garage. Having one will make your life easier so it is recommended that you get one if you are serious in reorganizing your garage.

Storage for other stuff

If you have a spacious garage, it should double as a storage room if you want to have a clutter free house. However, just because all your unused stuff is in the garage, it should be disorganized. You can definitely make it look better by installing different types of storage materials such as chests, cabinets and more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to